Nooro CBD Snacks: An Honest Review

Nooro CBD Snacks

Nooro recently reached out with a tantalising offer. They said they would send me a free sample box of Nooro CBD snacks with zero strings attached. As a CBD copywriter, I like to keep on top of new CBD products hitting the shelves, so I was relieved that Nooro made my life easier by reaching out to me.

Obviously, I took them up on their offer because a) I love CBD and b) I love snacks. They sent me a three-pack of CBD snack bars containing the following flavours:

  • Lemon and Ginger
  • Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate
  • Banana and Cinnamon

So far, so good. These are all flavours that I love.

What’s in the box?

The packaging is gorgeous, and my first impressions were that these are substantial snack bars. This is the kind of thing you could pop in your bag and not worry about it turning to dust (yes, I’m talking to you, Nature Valley).

Each bar contains 25mg of CBD, but since you eat them, the bioavailability is a little lower than you would get from 25mg of CBD oil drops.

That said, I didn’t eat any of these in one go. Having never tried any CBD snacks before, I didn’t want to write off the rest of the day because of a daytime dose of CBD. Instead, I gratefully nibbled throughout the day when I felt my concentration waning.

Taste verdict?

These are not syrupy-sweet granola bars. They’re thick and dense, but not too fudgy. You can taste the health, and you can also taste the CBD. It’s a subtle earthiness that is also quite warming. I found the taste to be quite pleasant, but if you’re looking for a sweet CBD treat, I would recommend CBD gummies. (They’re basically jelly tots.)

Nooro CBD Snack Bars are proper grown-up snacks, with no nasties on board. Dried apricots make up the bulk of the snack bar, which is great if you’re always a little bit anaemic like me. (FYI, dried apricots are loaded with iron.)

These bars are also packed with helpful extras like L-Theanine (great for mental acuity and concentration) and Maca Powder (rich in B2). No ingredient in these bars feels like it was put there by accident. If you’re after some mindful snacking options, these will be an excellent choice for your desk drawer.

For the calorie counters, each bar is around 150 calories. And since you might nibble on this over a few days, that really isn’t so bad. For the macro counters, you’ll enjoy 4.9g protein, 7.9g fat and 15.5g carbs.

How does CBD snacking make you feel?

This is different for everyone. It all depends on your size, gender, experience with CBD and how quickly you gobble down the whole bar. I ate a whole bar the first day and slept like a baby that night. For the next two bars, I spread them over 2-3 days to help spread out the CBD goodness.

Along with the offer for a free sample box of goodies, Nooro also sent me a really interesting article they wrote about flow state. In short, it’s all about getting into that hyper-focused state where time seems to fly and tasks don’t feel too taxing.

I was fascinated by the concept of being able to manufacture this state by creating the right conditions. It’s something I’ve been working on, mainly by allowing my attention to shift focus to the task that seems least daunting at the time. After exploring working styles like batch working, I’m always curious to see how I can improve my work flow.

My favourite Nooro CBD Snack Bar

The standout flavour for me was the Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate. It’s proper grown-up snacking. It was indulgent, but not too sweet. And the little chunks of dark chocolate scattered throughout were divine.


I’m a big fan of these snack bars and will definitely be adding them to my Christmas list. A box of 15 Nooro CBD snack bars will set you back £41.50, which works out at around £2.75 per bar. This is a little more pricey than your usual snack bar, but given the potential benefits for your mind and body, I certainly think it’s worth the price!

Left Field readers can get 20% off their purchase with discount code LEFT20! Just enter the discount code at the checkout – happy snacking!

Laura Howarth

Laura Howarth

Laura Howarth is a freelance writer, content strategist and batting cage owner based in Manchester, UK.

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