Freelance Performance Review

Review. Revise. Repeat.

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Take the time to reflect and double down on what works best.

Monthly, quarterly and annual performance reviews were something I hated when I had a normal office job.

Seriously, I lost sleep over those things. 

But now that I’m out on my own and calling the shots, I can kinda see the benefits. When you’re running your own business, accountability is everything.

If you don’t regularly review your performance, set goals, and stay accountable for those goals, you’re going to be stuck in the same spot forever. 

But how the heck do you stay accountable when you’re talking to yourself in the spare bedroom?

Here’s an idea: Let’s stay accountable together. 

“The freelancers who treat their freelance writing career like a business are the ones that succeed. So how do you adjust your mindset and start thinking like a business owner, not just a writer?”

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Freelance Performance Review

Why do I love this performance review?

Maybe I’m just a dork. But I love being able to look back on my progress

And it’s not just about celebrating the wins.

It’s also about picking apart the losses.

If you have goals you want to achieve, you gotta start keeping track of where you’ve been. 

And when you know what works for your business, it gets even easier to build in the right direction. 

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The value is in the monthly nudge. That little inbox ping that says “hey, remember me, I’m your business and I deserve a moment of your time”.

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