Where I found my last 5 freelance content writing jobs
Where I Found My Last 5 Freelance Content Writing Jobs

My first ever content writing job paid about $40. I was hired to write the Q&A section of a cigar humidor website. The pay was terrible, but it was my way of getting my foot in the door of the freelance writing industry. And now I know the solution for a faulty humidor.

The thing you have to understand about the world is this:

Some people hate writing.

Freelance content writing jobs are the holy grail for anyone who loves writing.

Even people who are good at writing can absolutely despise it. And what do these people do when they need something writing but don’t want to do it themselves? They outsource it!

If like me, you love writing, this is a perfect opportunity to make a living doing what you love, or what you find easy. There’s a big difference between becoming a freelance writer and becoming a freelance content writer. Content writers are often asked to churn out lots of words for websites, blogs and even social media posts. It’s not the glamorous article writing side of freelance writing, but you can make a decent amount of money if you know where to look.

Where I Found My Last 5 Freelance Content Writing Jobs

So if you’re looking for freelance content writing jobs and don’t know where to start, here are my top tips. To show they actually work, I’ll share with you where I found my last 5 freelance content writing jobs.

Where I found my last 5 freelance content writing jobs

  1. Copify
  2. People Per Hour
  3. Gum Tree
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Referrals

Here’s how I secured these jobs…


Copify is without a doubt the easiest place to pick up freelance content writing jobs. I’ve written about the platform before, but since I wrote that review, I’ve had my profile upgraded to professional and everything has changed. I now get regular direct orders from clients and they pay around 4 times as much as the regular freelance content writing jobs on the site.

People Per Hour

The majority of freelance content writing jobs on People Per Hour are an absolute joke. But when you start to sift through the low paid crap, you might stumble across some good clients. I started working with a few digital marketing agencies through the platform and both have brought in a steady stream of work.

Gum Tree

I know. I know. Gum Tree is for buying used cars and Playstations. But I did actually manage to find a freelance marketing job through Gum Tree. Set up an alert for anyone looking to hire a freelance writer and freelance marketer so you don’t have to keep checking back every few days.


Do you ignore connection requests from recruiters on LinkedIn? I would stop doing that as these strangers can sometimes throw freelance writing work your way. While the majority of the roles they are recruiting for will often be full-time, permanent and in-house, they occasionally have freelance or contract work for short-term projects.


The best freelance content writing jobs I’ve ever had have always been from referrals. If you’re working with clients, don’t be afraid to let them know that you’re actively looking for more projects. You’ll never know what’s out there unless you ask.

Parting words

There you have it, 5 places you can try looking for your next freelance content writing jobs. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve discovered any other great ways to find freelance work!

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