Hi, I'm Laura.

I help startups and small to medium-sized businesses compete with the big boys using cost-effective content marketing strategies that get results. Sound like you? Let’s talk.

You're here because your website content isn't pulling its weight...

You’d like to update your blog but don’t have the time? Or you’re starting a new company and can’t figure out your tone of voice?

I can help with all of that and more.

For the past 12 years, I’ve been helping small businesses compete with the big boys in an increasingly competitive online space using data-driven content marketing.

I offer copywriting and marketing support to help businesses thrive. I work with agencies and small businesses to provide cost-effective marketing support without the pressure of hiring a full-time employee.

Laura Howarth Freelance Copywriter

Need more accountability in your business? Try my freelance performance review.

Absolutely free. No strings attached. I’ll email you a fresh themed template every month so you can set aside some time to reflect on your progress and set goals for the month ahead. Yay, right?

How I work

Wondering how I could help your business grow?

Every client is unique, so my approach will be different every time. Sometimes you want to collaborate, and sometimes you want a hands-off approach to allow you to focus on other things. I’ll let you take the lead to make this a seamless and intuitive process.

Find the right words to represent your company online. I focus on crafting copy that captures, engages and then converts. I’m also experienced in SEO copywriting, so you can be sure your content will get you noticed.​

I help small companies to compete with the big boys through content-driven SEO campaigns. I’ll help you define your audience and then show you how to deliver timely communications at every stage of the customer journey.

Rather than overwhelming you with stats and reports, I provide my clients with the information they need to grow. If you’re not sure how to make the most of your Google Analytics or social media stats, I can show you how.

This is why you're gonna love working with me...

Simple process

I won’t take you through a 24 step on-boarding process or add you to yet another project management board. I keep things simple.

I focus on results

I’m not after any creative writing award. I’m here to make your marketing efforts work harder. I focus on the bigger picture to get results.

I'm versatile

Website copy, blog posts, social media updates and email copy – I can do it all. And my design work isn’t too shabby, either.

Enough about me... I want to hear about you!