What impact will blogging every day have on my website traffic?
blogging every day experiment

My professional website often gets neglected. For this reason, I’ve decided to dedicate the next 28 days to a little experiment. What would happen to my website traffic if I blogged every single day? From 2,000-word behemoth blog posts to short and snappy updates, I want to see what this does to my website in terms of the quality of leads and the volume of traffic.

When I start working with new clients, I always recommend they update their blog at least twice a month, ideally once a week. So will blogging every day deliver considerable growth, or is there an upper limit to the positive impact daily blogging can possibly have?

Besides the obvious page views and visitors, I’ll be keeping a close eye on things like…

  • Bounce rate. Does blogging every day encourage more people to browse your site and drive down your bounce rate? Surely if there’s more content to explore, they will be more likely to explore beyond one page?
  • Average session duration. More content means more time spent on the site, right? Average session duration is a key engagement indicator, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this.
  • Conversions. I write for freelancers and the businesses that hire them. So if I’m producing more content for small business owners, surely I’ll attract more of them to my site? I’ve already had a couple of good leads from my blogs, so I’m keen to see what daily blogs do to the quality of conversions.
  • Organic traffic. Does publishing more content lead to more keyword rankings and therefore more organic traffic?

These are all things I’m fairly confident I know the answers to, but there’s nothing quite like an experiment to confirm a suspicion. I’m expecting it to be completely exhausting, but as a copywriter, I’m up for the challenge!

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